Thrustmaster T248 Steering Wheel And Pedals for XBOX/PC



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Product description Thrustmaster T248 XBOX/PC Steering Wheel And Pedals

European plug 220-240V.


Steering Wheel:- Leather Wrapped, Foam Filled Steering Wheel Rim With Design Center Plate.

- Race Control Screen, With Displays Of Speed, Rpm, Time Of Use, Led Indicator, Etc.

- 2 Dual-Position Encoders (Up And Down) - Up To 25 Action Buttons - Plenty Of Remapping Options - Hybrid Mechanism:Belt/Gear Drive System With Visual Indication Of Steering Wheel Position - 48w Constant Power:No Diminishing Force Feedback With Constant Use - Adjustable Force Feedback:Simply Change The Force Feedback Mapping, With 3 Presets (Ffb 1, Ffb 2, Ffb 3) - Two Magnetic Shift Paddles - Usb-C Port For Firmware Updates Pedal Set:- Magnetic Sensors With No Potentiometers Or Friction Provide Consistent Precision Over Time And Virtually Unlimited Life - Adjustable Pressure Force With Included Brake Springs - 4 Different Configurations For Use With A Tabletop, Cockpit Or Wheel Stand Pro Rack.

Specifications:- Pedals:Yes - Amount Of Pedals:3 - Material Pedal:Plastic / Metal - Dimensions:300 X 210 X 370 Mm (W X H X D) - Weight:3.000 G Steering Wheel:- Diameter (Cm):30 - Rotation Angle (°):270 - 1080 - Material Steering Wheel:Leather - Dimensions:280 X 280 X 300 Mm (W X H X D) - Weight:2,700 G Compatibility:- Microsoft Xbox One:Yes - Microsoft Xbox Series X S:Yes - Pc:Yes - Type:Steering Wheel Set

With Thrustmaster T248 XBOX/PC Steering Wheel And Pedals you can enjoy your activities without complications. If you like the brand Thrustmaster and their electronics and computers products, visit the categories of the electronics and computers products that you are looking for and place your order as soon as possible and receive it in a few days. Our aim at techinn is to make high-quality products accessible to all with an efficient worldwide delivery service.

Features Thrustmaster T248 XBOX/PC Steering Wheel And Pedals

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Steering wheels
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Xbox One


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