TC-Helicon GoXLR Mini Online Broadcast Mixer with USB Audio Interface



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Key Features
  • Powerful, Easy-to-Use Mixer/Interface
  • For Live-Streamers & Content Creators
  • 12 Audio Devices in 1 for Windows
  • MIDAS Preamp for Powerful, Quiet Sound
  • Control Different Apps on Faders
  • XLR & 3.5mm Mic Input
  • 3.5mm Line I/O & 3.5mm Headphone Out
  • EQ, Compressor & Gate Built into Unit
  • Mute & Censor Buttons



TC-Helicon GO XLR Mini Overview


Designed for content creators and live streamers, the TC Helicon GoXLR Mini is a device that combines a preamp, a studio-quality effects engine, and a USB interface to give you the power to create high-quality audio content without negatively affecting video quality.

On Windows platforms, the GoXLR Mini establishes up to 12 USB audio devices; assign your various apps to each device so you can control app volumes individually from the device. Like the GoXLR, the GoXLR Mini utilizes a high-quality Midas preamp to provide a powerful, yet quiet operation. As such, the unit is suitable for any microphone, even those requiring phantom power.

The hardware itself sports a balanced XLR microphone input, a 3.5mm mic input, and a 3.5mm line input. 3.5mm line out and headphone outputs are on hand. Connect to computers over USB 2.0 or TOSLINK optical connections.

With EQ, compression, and gating coming from the unit itself, you don't have to spend DSP processing audio on your computer. This leaves the processing power on hand for keeping up high frame rates without issues while live-streaming.

A mute button and a censor button are both provided, so if you find yourself coughing or cursing, you can easily keep offending sounds out of the broadcast. Download the GoXLR Mini app, and you'll be able to control aspects of your studio, such as lighting, audio routing, and more. With this handy little device, you can go from gaming to ASMR profiles at the press of a button.




One App to Rule Them All

With the GoXLR Mini App, you can customize lighting, audio routing, mute modes, and more. Shift gears from gaming, to creating, to working by simply loading a new profile.

12 Built-In Sound Cards

GoXLR Mini creates multiple USB audio devices on your computer, so you can assign your most-used apps to their own faders. No more tabbing out. Turn up your game volume without increasing the volume of other programs.

3-Step Setup

With GoXLR Mini, simply download the GoXLR Mini App, assign your programs, and you're ready to go.

Powerful, Quiet Preamp

GoXLR Mini uses the same ultralow-noise Midas mic preamp as the original GoXLR, so your voice sounds clean and crisp no matter the microphone you use. If you've got a mic that requires a lot of gain, GoXLR Mini provides plenty of power with no activator or lifter needed. It also provides phantom power for condenser microphones.

Built-In EQ, Compressor, and Gate

Make your voice shine with studio-quality equalization, compression, and gating. GoXLR Mini processes all of your audio on its physical hardware so your computer can concentrate on higher frame rates and faster rendering.

Keep it Clean

GoXLR Mini has its own manual censor and cough button so you can let it all out while keeping your content clean and appropriate for sponsors and audiences of all ages!

TC-Helicon GO XLR Mini Specs

Audio Connections 1 x XLR Microphone Input, Balanced
1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm TS Microphone Input, Unbalanced
1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm TRS Stereo Line Input
1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm TRS Stereo Line Output
1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm TRS Stereo Headphone Output
Digital Connections 1 x USB 2.0 Port, Type-B
1 x TOSLINK Optical Jack
Controls 4 x Faders
6 x Buttons
Lighting RGB
A/D and D/A Conversion 24-Bit at 48 kHz
Effects EQ, Compression, Gating
Frequency Response 10 Hz to 20 kHz, +0/-2 dB
Dynamic Range > 110 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio > 101 dB
Power Input USB Power, 5 VDC, 0.5 A (USB Cable Included)
Power Consumption 2.5 W
Dimensions (H x W x D) 2.8 x 5.2 x 6.6" / 70 x 132 x 168 mm
Weight 1.5 lb / 0.7 kg

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