MSI Agility GD70 Mouse Pad



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Precise Control, Smooth Movement

The Silky Gaming Fabric not only allows flexible, accurate control to mice but also gives you an incredibly smooth user experience with low friction. Giving you the sensation of gliding effortlessly.

Extra Comfort To Your Hand

Special silky texture with 28 stitches per inch provides extra soft and comfortable touch to your hand, especially during long gaming sessions.

High Quality And Exquisite Craft

The stitched edges reinforce the outline of the mousepad, extending durability. They also prevent the edges from curling up.

Extensive Size For Your Gaming Gear

With 900 x 400 x 3 mm, the massive mousepad stretches across the desk with plenty of space for both keyboard and mouse or even a laptop.

Steady Base, No Slip

An anti-slip and shock-absorbing rubber base helps to stand ground in games and guarantees a longer lasting mat.

Fully Geared Up

Enjoy yourself in the complete set of gaming gear and experience the outstanding performance with unlimited possibility.


- Surface: Silk Gaming Fabric Surface

- Dimensions (mm): 900mm(L) x 400mm(W) x 3mm(H)

- Base: Nature Rubber Base

- Weight(g):640 g

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