Laptop Stand Desk Table with Cooling Fan & Mouse Pad Holder



  • 10.900 KD

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Introducing the ventilated laptop stand for the office/Home! This laptop table is designed to set up your office anywhere!

CPU cooling fans are helpful to the heat dissipation for your laptop

It is easy to carry, has a weight frame under the lamp.

Adjustable laptop stand

Make you work in a fairly comfortable environment.

Say goodbye to neck pain and tension to always look down at your laptop.




This laptop stand is an adjustable laptop table that gives you complete control and flexibility to fit in the most comfortable position to enter the angle and reduce neck and shoulder tension. You can use it as an adjustable standing table, and you can do it as a laptop table for a bed. No more neck pain due to hours of use of your computers.

The laptop stand is made of high quality magnesium aluminum alloy - a very durable lamp.

Fully adjustable legs-rotate 360 ​​degrees and are fixed at different angles. Quickly roll up the stand to make it portable.

Easy to use and easy to carry, to adjust the angle you want, press the button down, you can adjust the angle you want according to the scale above, release the button automatically locks.

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