GoXLR Online Broadcaster Platform with Mixer and Effects



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Key Features
  • All-In-One Desktop Rig for Broadcasters
  • Four-Channel Mixer for USB Audio Mixing
  • Motorized Faders with LCD Strips
  • Premium Midas Microphone Preamp
  • Built-In Studio Quality Effects
  • EQ, Compression, Gate, De-Essing
  • Soundboard to Cue Bumpers and Samples
  • Cough Button for Quick Mute
  • Windows-Based XLR GO App
  • Includes Power Supply




TC-Helicon GO XLR Overview

By combining what would take several pieces of hardware and software into a single sleek and intuitive device, the TC Helicon GO XLR offers an all-in-one desktop recording/processing solution for broadcasters and gamers. The GO XLR provides four channels of audio mixing, allowing the user to control the sound levels of their connected sources and includes a comprehensive set of tools for vocal enhancement and special FX.

The front panel features four motorized faders, four customizable scribble scripts, four channel mute buttons, and dedicated vocal effect buttons for Megaphone, Robot, Hardtune as well as six voice FX preset buttons for storing your own custom vocal FX. Additionally, there are four parameter knobs for the real-time adjustment of FX from the desktop. Also, included are three banks of four sample pads designed for sound effects, stingers, bumpers, and more. You can utilize the GO XLR app to load samples, or record and/or clear them direct from the unit for on the fly operation. There is also a dedicated !@#$* button for bleeping expletives and a Cough button for momentary muting of your microphone.

The rear panel sports an XLR input with a premium, low-noise Midas mic preamp as well as 3.5mm inputs for line in, headset mic, headphone out, and a dedicated line out, which contains a copy of the broadcast stream audio for use with a dedicated streaming computer. Additionally, the unit offers a USB input for connecting to a computer and an optical input for connecting to Sony PlayStation or Microsoft Xbox consoles. The TC Electronics GO XLR is powered by an included 12 VDC power adapter.


The Windows-based GO XLR app is REQUIRED to operate the GO XLR.
  • All-in-one desktop rig for online broadcasters
  • Four-channel mixer for fast USB audio mixing for all your audio sources
  • Customizable motorized faders with LCD scribble strips offers great control
  • Sound board and recorder to cue bumpers and riff on-the-fly samples
  • Studio-quality vocal effects used by pro musicians
  • EQ, compression, de-essing, and gating controls for professional sounding results
  • Premium, low-noise Midas mic preamp for professional broadcast quality
  • Full RGB lighting control to fit with your customized gaming rig
  • Cough button to instantly mute yourself
  • Simple, easy-to-use controls get you up and running quickly
  • Windows app lets you control and recall all your settings

 Delivery Time : 5 - 9 Days 

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