Baseus Matrix 4K HDMI Switcher



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Baseus Matrix 4K HDMI Switcher Two-way Switch Digital Light Display 1-in-2 or 2-in-1 Dual Modes Audio Video Switching HDMI Switcher





Two-way switch

Synchronous audio and video transmission

No external power required

Universal to devices with HDMI Port



Matrix HDMI Splitter

The 1-in-2 or 2-in-1 feature allows you to have two displays on one screen and switch between them via the button or 1 display on two screens. You’ll never have the annoyance of having too many HDMIs plugged in ever again. This product allows you to have more devices plugged in and you can easily switch between displays at the press of a button, whether it’s projecting onto two different screens or sharing one screen with two devices, this small HDMI splitter really packs quite the punch.

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