How to play the new Robot Game in Google Meet and kill time while you wait for meetings to start

The Google Meet logo displayed on a laptop.

Google Meet has a new game for early birds. Monticello/Shutterstock


  • There's a new "Robot Game" in Google Meet that you can play while waiting for meetings to start.
  • The Robot Game is an endless runner game, just like Google Chrome's Dinosaur Game.
  • The longer you play, the harder and faster the Robot Game gets.


If you use Google Chrome, you're probably familiar with the Dinosaur Game, the endless runner that you can play when you're not connected to the internet.

Google's just released a new take on that famous easter egg: the Robot Game.

The Robot Game lets you kill time in Google Meet calls

The next time you arrive early to a Google Meet call, you might notice a tiny robot run across the bottom of your screen. This is a sneaky ad for Google Meet's new Robot Game, which is built to entertain early birds while they wait for everyone else to join.

Just like the Dinosaur Game, the Robot Game is an endless runner where you jump to dodge obstacles and get a high score. Click your mouse or press the Up Arrow key on your keyboard to jump. The longer you hold the button, the higher you'll jump.

Someone playing the Robot Game in Google Meet.
You'll see your current high score above the game.

You'll earn more points the longer you go without hitting an obstacle. But as you get farther, the faster your character runs, meaning that you'll have to think quick to stay alive.

Although it's captioned with the message Play while you wait, there isn't actually any time limit on the Robot Game. You can open it at any point during the meeting and start playing — just be careful that you don't get too distracted and miss out on any important info.

How to play the Robot Game in Google Meet

The game is only available in the browser version of Google Meet, not any of the mobile apps. And if your Google account is run by a third-party, like your school or work, it might not show up.

1. Open a Google Meet call and click the Activities icon in the bottom-right. It looks like a pyramid made up of a triangle, square, and circle.

2. Click the Robot game option to start playing.

The option to start playing the Robot Game in Google Meet.
You'll find the Robot Game in the Activities menu.
By William Antonelli

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