Best 5 Gaming Headsets For PC & Mobile & PS4 in 2022 - For Professional Users

1- HyperX Cloud II Wireless / Without Wireless

One of the best headphones in the Gaming world. Your First Choise Should be this.

The HyperX Cloud was built to be an ultra-comfortable gaming headset with amazing sound. We put a lot of thought into the details of our HyperX signature memory foam, the premium leatherette, clamping force, and weight distribution to create a headset that’s comfortable through long gaming sessions. It’s no wonder that it’s become the preferred gaming headset for millions of gamers. Whether you want to focus on the competition or relax with some of your favorite games, there’s a Cloud that’s perfect for you.


Legendary Comfort Goes Wireless

The comfort of the Cloud II Wireless is a perfect match for a long-lasting battery and a fast 2.4Ghz wireless connection.

  • Over a day’s worth of gaming from one charge.
  • A fast connection for seamless audio. 
  • Step away from your screen but not the entertainment


HyperX Signature Comfort

Feel the HyperX difference in the details like our signature memory foam, premium leatherette, weight distribution and clamping force. A more comfortable experience is achieved with the adjustment of these factors. This makes a huge difference during longer gaming sessions or whenever headset is being worn for long periods of time.


Immersive Audio

Hear the rich, impactful sounds of your games with clarity and precision. Specially-tuned 53mm drivers let you lose yourself in the game world or focus on important audio cues.

Durable, reliable headset

The aluminum frame is flexible enough to adjust for various head sizes and built tough, so it’s ready to play, day in and day out.



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