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Hyperx CLoud II Gaming Headset





 Nanoleaf Lines RGB light


The best cheap gaming keyboard will offer the same pleasing typing experience as a high-end model, minus the financial assault it often entails. If it hadn't become clear browsing guides, PC peripherals are getting pricey. Keyboards are no exception, with the best models hitting well over $200, and some companies thinking they can charge that just for the basics. 

There are still affordable gaming keyboards out there though, so we tested them out so you can spend your cash on something worthwhile. Also remember that "cheap" doesn't have to mean bad, as we've been lead to believe by the droves of false economy rubbish on the market. This list showcases the best budget keyboards we found for under $100, even less than $30 in some cases. 

The first thing you might see that's missing from this page, over the best gaming keyboards(opens in new tab) page, are extra features. The cheaper keyboards sacrifice things like media controls, LED displays, or mechanical switches to keep costs down, but it's sometimes hard to tell what's worth the sacrifice.

So we called in a ton of cheap keyboards and tested them with a bunch of the latest games. Then we picked out the ones that felt best to work and game on, and that didn't crumple under the weight of Alan's heavy-ass typing technique. We've even included some keyboards that come bundled with other accessories to try and save you even more money.