Nanoleaf Light Panels Smarter Kit - Rhythm Edition – 9 Pack



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A Lighting Experience Designed for You

Captivating colours. A richness of features. Smart enough to be simple.

Modular Light Panels

Create a design that matches your personal style

Includes Rhythm Module for Music Sync

Watch the lights dance to your music

More than 16 Million Colours

You choose - crisp functional lighting or beautiful ambience




Flexible Control

Operate with included controller, your voice, or the Nanoleaf App

No Hub Required

Connect to WiFi for optional advanced features

Simple Installation

Drill-free installation with the included mounting tape

Customize colors With virtual Assistant

Works With Homekit

“Hey Siri”, set my lights to Date Night.

Works With Alexa

“Alexa”, dim my bedroom lights.

Works With Google Assistant

Okay “Google”, turn on my kitchen lights. 

Advantages Of Using Rhythm

Set the Perfect Mood

Activate the Colours  you want with the tap of a finger.

Find Focus and Clarity

clean white light or gentle warm white. It’s your choice.

Wake up to the Sunrise

Wake Up feeling Refreshed and Get your day off to a great start and wake up naturally

Visualise Your Music

Listen To your favourite songs while It listens, thinks. And turns Your music into light.

Let Your Imagination Run Free

Build your design to stand out or blend in Wrap up your design with 

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